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Two Palestinians arrested by Syrian security after return from Sweden, Netherlands: monitor

More than 15 Syrian-Palestinian refugees were arrested after their return from Europe or neighboring countries to Syria, a Palestinian rights monitoring said Thursday.
Among the detainees, 13 people who were arrested after their return from Lebanon, a refugee after returning from Sweden, and another from the Netherlands, according to the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria.
The Britain-based monitor said many Palestinian refugees who returned to settle in or visited Damascus were summoned by the Syrian security branches for interrogation, while a number of them were arrested and the group was unable to document their names due to the secrecy of their families and their fear of security prosecutions and enforced disappearance.
The Syrian security services have arrested more than 1,800 Palestinian refugees since the revolution erupted in March 2011, threatened their families, and prosecuted those wanted by it, either for forced conscription or for security or political reasons.

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