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30% increase in prices of 11,819 medical products: Health Ministry

The Syrian Health  Ministry raised the prices of 11,819 medicinal products in response to the warnings of the owners of pharmaceutical factories in Syria, who threatened to stop production if prices were not raised.
The Aliqtisadi-Syria website said the owners of three pharmaceutical factories were not satisfied with the 30% increase in prices, saying the increase should reach 100%, according to the demand of the factories owners in a conference held last week in Damascus.
The owners of pharmaceutical factories assured that the increased rate would not help in providing some of the required pharmaceutical items, due to the high production costs.
For his part, the head of the Scientific Council for Pharmaceutical Industries, Rashid Al-Faisal, told Aliqtisadi website that the rate of increase is good, pointing out that any increase in drug prices, more than that, would constitute a great shock to the Syrian citizen.

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