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Assad forces hit Civil Defence center, one volunteer killed

A White Helmets volunteer was killed and three fellows wounded Saturday, when Syrian regime forces bombed a Civil Defence center in the Al-Ghab Plain region in the western Hama province.
Zaman al-Wasl reporter said that Daham Al-Hussein, 35, died on Saturday morning, and Ahmed Al-Nader, Nader Haj Ibrahim, and Hassan Al-Hashoum, all of whom are volunteers within the White Helmets, were injured in a missile attack by Bashar al-Assad's forces stationed in Kafranbel town.

The leading rescue agency has condemned the attack on Qastoun medical center, urging the International Community to hold the Assad regime accountable. 
Lack of accountability is the main reason for such attacks on White Helmets workers, said in statement.

More than 290 White Helmets volunteers have been killed since the conflict erupted ten year, most of whom were victims of double attacks during their rescue of civilians. 
The regime forces used the RUSSIAN laser-guided artillery shells in Saturday's attack, which was usually used to destroy fortified field installations. 

Russia had used this type of projectile for the first time last March, targeting 3 Atarib Surgical Hospital in the western countryside of Aleppo, killing 8 civilians, including woman and a child, in addition to the Significant material damage to the building of the external hospital and a number of its clinics and facilities, which at that time caused the hospital to go out of service.
 Krasnopol artillery shells were also used in Jabal al-Zawiya region on June 10, killing 12 civilians.
Since the ceasefire deal, the Russian-backed regime has stopped short of launching a fully-fledged land offensive to deliver on its promise to reconquer the entire country.
But violations of the ceasefire are relatively frequent as regime forces try to maintain their stranglehold on the enclave.
Northwestern Syria is home to 3.5 million refugees but is controlled by opposition Islamist fighters.
The Syrian conflict has claimed 494,438 lives and has displaced 13,2 million people since it erupted in March 2011 with the brutal repression of anti-regime protests.

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