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Syrian 'miracle baby' reunited with mother

A severely burnt Syrian toddler, who received emergency treatment in Turkey after funds were raised by donors, has been reunited with her family, broadcaster Sky reported on Wednesday.

Dalal, who is just under two years old, experienced extensive burns to her head, face, body, and lungs when the camp for the displaced near Idlib in Syria caught fire at the start of the year.

Dalal's elder sister, Yasmin, was killed trying to save her, but her parents and four other siblings managed to get out alive, Sky said.

The toddler had both her hands amputated, and lost her eyelids, nose, ears and lips. Her throat and windpipe were also badly damaged.  

Turkish doctors gave Dalal a 10% chance of survival, Sky reported, and said she'd returned from the brink of death at least three times.

Dr Cagatay Demirci and his team at Mersin City Hospital conducted a series of skin grafting operations to rebuild her lips and eyelids.

Dalal was granted special, temporary refuge in Turkey by authorities to receive emergency treatment with the help of funds raised by private donors and the charity International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance (INARA).

With the funds, Dalal and her father Abdul Fatah were also able to rent an apartment in Mersin near the hospital, and the money helped to pay for out-patient laser treatment in Gaziantep to help ease her tight skin.

The money additionally bought the rest of the family - Dalal's mother and four older siblings - passports in the hope they would be able to join them in Turkey.

The reunion finally happened on the border with Syria, six months after Dalal arrived in Turkey.

Dalal still faces significant surgery in the years to come.

Her first substantial reconstructive surgery is due later this year, Sky reported, which will focus on rebuilding some of her fingers and enable pinch mobility.

Facial reconstruction surgery will only be possible when Dalal is older.

The family will, however, be able to face challenges ahead as a unit, finally reunited and living under the same roof.

Another family member will soon join them, as Dalal's mother is heavily pregnant and due soon.

The conflict in Syria, which borders Turkey and the province of Gaziantep to its north, has killed nearly half a million people and displaced half the country's pre-war population of 23 million.

Large parts of Syria have been destroyed and tens of thousands still live in tent settlements.

Neighbouring Turkey hosts over 3.5 million Syrian refugees.

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