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Houthi strikes target largest airbase in Yemen; at least 30 killed

At least 30 soldiers were killed and 60 wounded in Houthi strikes on Yemen’s largest airbase in Lahj, about 60km north of Aden, southern forces spokesman Mohamed al-Naqeeb said on Sunday.

Military personnel in Al-Anad airbase were conducting a training exercise when the attack took place, an Al Arabiya TV source confirmed.

“More than 30 have been killed and at least 56 were injured,” armed forces spokesman Mohammed al-Naqib, who had earlier accused the Houthis of being behind the attack.

A military medic confirmed the death toll after it jumped from seven fatalities earlier in the day.

The Houthis in 2019 launched a drone strike at the base during a military parade, killing at least six military personnel, including a high-ranking intelligence official.

Footage of the attack showed a drone exploding over a podium around which dozens of military personnel were standing.

(Arab News, AFP)

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