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Cham Wings Airlines is key doer in Belarus migrant crisis

Syrian Cham Wings Airlines is a key actor in the migrant crisis as hundreds of them, mostly Syrians, remain trapped on the Belarus-Poland border. 

Over the past months, the Assad-linked carrier and Damascus-based traffickers have facilitated the flow of migrants to Belarus through granting them tourist visas in collusion with the Belarusian authorities. Syrians in regime-held areas, who obtained security travel permits, pay $3000 for a flight ticket and $250 for an electronic entry visa to Belarus.

The dubious situation of Cham Wings did not prompt the UN to issue a statement blaming the carrier which serves regional agendas that may pose a threat at the eastern border of the European Union and NATO. 

Cham Wings Airlines on Saturday halted flights to Minsk, saying that "we cannot differentiate between travellers and migrants''. Such a statement is 'uglier than a sin excuse.'


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