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131,500 people held by Assad regime since March 2011: Syrian Network

Paris – At least 131,469 detainees or forcibly disappeared persons have been held by the Syrian regime since March 2011, said the Syrian Network for Human Rights on Thursday.
According to SNHR’s database at least 149,862 of the individuals, detained or forcibly disappeared at the hands of the parties to the conflict and the controlling forces in Syria between March 2011 and August 2021 are still detained or forcibly disappeared, including 4,931 children and 9,271 women. Including, 131,469 individuals, including 3,621 children and 8,037 women (adult female) by the Syrian regime, about 87%. While 2287 including 37 children and women (adult female) are still under arrest/forcibly disappeared by Hay’at Tahrir al Sham. And 3641 individuals including 296 children and 759 women (adult female) by all armed opposition factions/Syrian national army. In addition, 3817 individuals including 658 children and 176 women are still under arrest/forcibly disappeared by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic forces. Also, 8648 individuals, including 319 children and 255 women arrested by ISIS, that are still forcibly disappeared.
According to the report, at least 102,287 individuals, including 2,405 children and 5,801 women, have been forcibly disappeared, including 86792, including 1738 children and 4986 women, while 8648 have been disappeared by ISIS including 319 children and 255 women. The report also stated, that 2064 including 13 children and 28 women, have been disappeared by Hay’at Tahrir al Sham. And 2567 individuals, including 237 children and 446 women arts still forcibly disappeared by all armed opposition factions/Syrian national army since 2011 in all areas it had controlled. Also, 2216 individuals, including 98 children and 86 women are still forcibly disappeared by the Syrian Democratic forces.

The report stated that the detainee figures included in the report don’t include prisoners with a criminal background, but do include cases of arrest that are based on the internal armed conflict, mainly due to opposition activity against the ruling authorities, as well as cases of detention intended to suppress freedom of opinion and expression.
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