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Turkish man, who terrified Syrian family with axe, has been released

A Turkish landlord who broke the door of the Syrian family's house in the Bayrampaşa district in Istanbul with an axe, was released on the condition of judicial control at the Istanbul Criminal Court of Peace, where he was released, while his son was arrested and sent to prison.

The door of the Syrian family living in Bayrampaşa was broken by the owner of the house, 92-year-old Naim A., with his son, who entered the house, also damaged other doors and windows in the house.

The moments when Naim A. broke the door with an ax were videotaped and shared on social media. The family, who said that they were sleeping inside when the door was broken, said that they shouted for help in the face of what had happened. They stated that Naim A. had left the flat upon the arrival of the neighbors.

The incident, which took place at around 23.00 last Wednesday, took place in a three-storey building in Bayrampaşa Yıldırım Mahallesi, Burç Sokak. Allegedly, 92-year-old landlord, who wanted to evict the Syrian family, of which he had been tenants for two years, increased the rent from 1200 lira to 3 thousand lira. When the tenants could not find a house for themselves and did not accept the rent increase, the landlord broke the door of the family with an ax and entered.

Esma Ş., who lives with her mother, brother-in-law and 4 sisters in the house where they are tenants, told about the fearful moments they experienced. Esma Ş., "We came from Syria with my family because of the war. My father passed away 3 years ago. Me and my 4 siblings are studying. He came with an ax because we did not accept the rent increase. He went in and broke the doors. We were so scared, we called the police. We started to tremble. It was like In Syria, I thought I was at war. He wants us to leave the house for 10 months. I told him that we could not find a house. Actually we do, but they do not give houses to the Syrians. I explained the situation, but he does not understand. He wants to evict us. That's why he raised the rent. He always comes to our door and disturbs us. Last night, the water He took off his watch, we pay 1,200 liras, now he wants 3 thousand liras. Only my brother-in-law is working. Who will pay this rent? Me and my brothers are studying. He broke into the house. He broke the doors of the rooms. If the neighbors had not come downstairs, he would have killed us. I hope we will find a house as soon as possible. Let them help us."

The teams, who came to the scene and investigated, took the host Naim A. and his son İhsan A. into custody. The detained father and son were transferred to the Istanbul Palace of Justice in Çağlayan, on charges of "violating the immunity of residence" and "damaging property" after their proceedings at the police station. After their statements were taken at the prosecutor's office, the suspect father and son were referred to the Criminal Judgeship of Peace.


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