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Ramadan preps as Qatar also readies for World Cup

Ramadan preparations in Qatar went hand in hand with preparations for the FIFA World Cup, which will be hosted in the country in November.

Iman Abou Akar, a Qatari resident shopping at Souq Waqif market, said she was going to experience Ramadan better this year due to relaxed coronavirus restrictions.

Mohanna Dga, a Qatari resident originally from Tunisia, was looking forward to celebrating Ramadan on Saturday whilst he also celebrated his country qualifying for the international football's biggest competition.

Muslim-majority nations, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and the United Arab Emirates, declared that the holy month of Ramadan, when the faithful observe a dawn-to-dusk fast, would begin at sunrise Saturday.

Friday's draw means Qatar will open its first World Cup with a match against Ecuador on November 18 after qualifying for the first time as host.

The world champion will be crowned in December for the first time due to the final being moved from its usual July slot to avoid Qatar's fierce summer heat.

Qatar has spent 12 years, since winning the World Cup bid, fighting to protect the hosting rights amid corruption investigations and regional disharmony.

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