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Eid holidays refresh exchange market

The approach of the Eid al-Fitr holiday was reflected in the transactions of the exchange market in Syria, which did not witness significant changes in the exchange rate of the Syrian pound on Saturday, while the Turkish exchange rate declined against the dollar in northern Idlib region, a reflection of its decline in the main exchange market in Turkey.

Until the closing of Saturday's trading, the "Damascus dollar" remained between 3850 Syrian pounds for purchase and 3900 pounds for sales.

In Aleppo, Homs and Hama, and in Idlib as well, the dollar recorded the same prices as the "Damascus dollar".

The euro remained in Damascus, between 4,040 pounds in purchase and 4,090 pounds in sales.

The Turkish remained in Damascus and Idlib, between 254 Syrian pounds for purchase, and 264 Syrian pounds for sale.

While the Turkish exchange rate against the dollar in Idlib decreased to between 14.75 Turkish liras for purchase, and 14.85 Turkish liras for sale.

This, and the Central Bank of Syria set the "remittance dollars" at 2,800 Syrian pounds.

(By Eqtsad, Zaman al-Wasl's business website)

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