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German police raid homes of Syrian traffickers

The German "Welt" newspaper reported that the police raided the residential neighborhoods of three suspected Syrian smugglers in the Wittenberg region of Germany.

Investigators accuse the men, aged 21, 28 and 42, of illegally transporting people from Syria to Germany several times, the Federal Police Inspectorate stated on Thursday.

The suspects, who hold Syrian citizenship, are said to have obtained travel documents and each collected a large sum of money consisting of four figures.

The newspaper added that the searches in Wittenberg and Giessen included electronic storage media and various documents for airline reservations and stolen passports, and teams in the Federal Police seized more than 4,000 euros in cash.

The newspaper concluded that the Public Prosecutor in (Dessau-Roslau) is the one who issued the search warrant, as the commission investigates suspicions of commercial smuggling of Syrian people.

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