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Assad regime released 72 detainees from Daraa: Houran Gathering

The Syrian regime released 72 detainees from Daraa in two batches, all of whom were arrested after the regime took control of the southern province in July 2018, the Ahrar Houran Gathering said.
The local monitoring group said that 17 conscripts in the regime forces were released and at least 13 were arrested for criminal reasons that varied between thefts and drugs, and that 32 detainees who were released did not exceed 6 months in detention.
According to the assembly, released detainees whose families paid huge sums of money to lawyers and officers in the Syrian regime in exchange for their release.
According to Lawyer Assem Al-Zoubi, Director of the Violations Documentation Office in “Tamah’a Houran”, the regime does not release or reveal the fate of the old detainees and forcibly disappeared persons, only releasing newly arrested persons, especially those who were arrested after the regime took control of Daraa in July 2018, following to the so-called reconciliation settlement agreement.
 The releases come in light of the regime forces’ continuation of arrests on an almost daily basis in Daraa. since the beginning of 2022 until the first of May, the Gathering recorded 91 arrests, Al-Zoubi added.
The Syrian conflict - which led to the loss of at least 500,000 lives and displaced more than 13,2 million people -  began in 2011 after the Assad regime brutally cracked down on peaceful pro-democracy protests.

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