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Daraa: Hepatitis C infections increase due to water pollution

َAbout 1000 cases of hepatitis have been recorded in the southern province of Daraa as a result of water pollution and the government's delay in addressing the pollution that occurred in drinking water since the beginning of last April, local news feeds said.

The Daraa 24 network confirmed that the problem of water pollution is not new, as it has been an ongoing problem since 2018, wondering about the reasons for not addressing it since that time, considering that delaying and evading responsibility and addressing residents’ problems have become a necessity for the position in the Assad regime.

The network quoted a medical source from one of the Red Crescent centers in the city of Daraa as saying that there are between 800 and 1,000 people infected with hepatitis in many neighborhoods of the city of Daraa, especially in the Al-Sabil and Al-Qusour neighborhoods, where there are at least one or two cases in every house. The number of cases that the medical center reviewed is more than 50 cases on a daily basis.

The city's residents expressed their fear that the epidemic would worsen further, calling for it to be treated as soon as possible before it spreads and reaches all neighborhoods of the city. Noting that many doctors are afraid of infection with typhoid fever after recovery.

The network also quoted a resident of the “Al-Sabil” neighborhood, as saying that “the problem of water pollution has not ended, and today we are suffering from its repercussions with the presence of hepatitis, and this calls for accountability in government departments, starting with the director of the Water Corporation in Daraa, the director of sanitation, and the director of health, all the way to the largest Responsible in the governorate, because they are all responsible."

The residents sent many complaints that were not responded to until after the situation worsened, and despite the review of many infected cases to hospitals and health centers, the Health Directorate did not bother to know the cause of the epidemic until it was too late.

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