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Syrian official: Investment plans for oil exploration near Damascus

The Director General of the Syrian Oil Company said many investments to discover new oil fields in the north and south of Damascus and in central Homs province, local newspaper reported on Sunday.

On the sidelines of the "SyrPetro" exhibition, which is currently being held in Damascus, Firas Qaddour indicated that geophysical surveys are now being conducted using modern methods to explore oil directly, after determining the locations in the areas hoped for oil production like Jabal Zumlat al-Maharr in the eastern countryside of Homs .

But Kaddour indicated, according to the state-run Tishreen newspaper, that the investment values ​​of the projects are very large, as well as the economic feasibility, as the oil field needs approximately $10 to $15 million to complete the surveys and drilling operations.

Also, the construction of stations is very expensive, indicating the inability of the regime to Pay the costs of drilling and extraction, he added.

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