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Damascus: Assad security tightens grip on Palestinian Hussainiya camp

Al-Hussainiya Camp

A human rights group confirmed that the Syrian security services have tightened their security measures against the residents of Al-Hussainiya camp in Damascus suburbs since last week.

The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said that the members of the security detachment at the entrance to the camp searched all the passengers, checked the personal identities of the youth in particular, and took them down and searched, in order to arrest the youths who evaded compulsory service.

The London-based group explained that a number of camp residents expressed their indignation and anger at the behavior of the checkpoint members, and their inappropriate and inhumane treatment of the camp's youth.

The residents pointed out that this security tightening carried out by the checkpoint members from time to time is usually to force car owners to pay bribes to them in order to facilitate their passage.

The AGPS pointed out that the camp's residents suffer from the continuous tightening of security since all its entrances of the camp have been blocked except the camp gate in order to tighten control over it and isolate residents from the rest of the surrounding areas and towns.

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