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Former security officer, who tortured detainees to death, arrives in Germany: witness, sources

A Syrian displaced person and former detainee revealed the presence of a Syrian war criminal in Germany after years of working as an investigator in the notorious Deir Shamil military camp in Hama province, where he specialized in buying and selling detainees and trafficking them. 

The IDP Hussein Warda told Zaman al-Wasl, who was arrested in 2013, that the bones of his hands, feet and face were broken by investigator Muwafaq Wannous, who Zaman al-Wasl confirmed that he had arrived in Germany and applied fro asylum in Berlin.

Warda, of the town of Karnaz in the countryside of Hama province and currently residing in a camp in the north of Syria, added that Wannous deliberately humiliated him inside the prison by putting his shoes in his mouth, describing the scene as bad and shameful, in addition to the continuous beatings throughout his presence during the period of his interrogation.

 Wannous ordered Warda to confess to killing 92 members of the pro-regime National Defense Forces  in the city of Salamiyah, east of Hama. When he refused, Wannous mastered torturing.

With the help of his security aides, Wannous used pliers to pull out his nails, and a hammer to break his toes, and it came to him asking for death to get rid of the torment, but Wannous was telling him, "It's still early."

Warda indicated that the investigator, Wannous, exhausted his body and tired him to the point of despair, which prompted him to ask a prisoner of a “fuel smuggler” to buy it from Wannous, no matter what the cost. Indeed, Warda was released from Deir Shamil prison after about two and a half months spent In torture and bribery amounting to 200,000 SYP (At that time about $400)  through this prisoner.

The former detainee noted that Wannous's treatment with him was different after he agreed to pay the amount.

He demanded that Wannous be tried in the country to which he fled, expressing his readiness to testify and present evidence to the court.

 Deir Shamil camp belongs to the "National Defense" militia, and is located 35 km west of the city of Hama, and about 7 km from the city of Masyaf to the east, centered on a mountainous area overlooking all the surrounding villages.

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