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Baniyas refinery complains of oil abundance; Syrians complain lack of it

The Director-General of Baniyas Refinery revealed that from the beginning of September to mid-September, three oil tankers from Iran arrived at the refinery with a tonnage of 3 million barrels, pointing out that the refinery does not have sufficient tanks to place crude oil, which prompted it to increase its operating capacity and discharge what it repeats from Oil is rapidly moving towards the consumption market, especially power plants.

And Mahmoud Qassem said in statements quoted by the pro-regime Al-Khabar TV website that the first tanker arrived on September 3, carrying one and a half million barrels, while the second tanker arrived on September 9, carrying one million barrels, and the third and final tanker arrived on September 17 It has a tonnage of 500,000 barrels of crude oil.

The general manager of the refinery confirmed that more than 10 days ago, the amount of fuel supplied to the power plants was raised to 6000 cubic meters of fuel per day.

Although oil supplies from Iran have continued for more than two months, the shortage of fuel is still the most prominent topic in all the statements of officials as they hold it responsible for all the difficult problems that the Syrian citizen suffers from, starting with the high prices and ending with the increase in the hours of electricity rationing, passing through heating oil.

Also, the vehicles that get fuel in a subsidized price, which is also suffering from a severe shortage of gas stations, which has led to a rise in its prices on the black market to more than twice its official price.

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