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Will Algeria dare to sell domestic gas to Syria regime?

A news website close to the Syrian regime's intelligence services revealed that discussions with the Algerian side to buy domestic gas began in 2016, but Algeria always asked to wait for fear of US sanctions and pressures.

And the "Syriasteps" website reported that it seems that developments in the international scene after the Russian-Ukrainian war encouraged several countries to say "no" to US policy, commenting on the statements of the regime's Oil Minister, Bassam Tohme, who was announced recently and on the sidelines of His participation in the Russian Energy Week, Algeria's agreement to supply Syria with domestic gas.

The website also revealed that, about two months ago, Bassam Tohme held talks with the Algerian Minister of Energy, Mohamed Arkab, via video, during which he discussed with him the possibility of continuing discussions on importing domestic gas, researching technical issues and prices, and the mechanism for receiving this gas in the Banias estuary, in addition to to ways to transfer it.

Syriasteps reported that Oil Minister has confirmed his invitation to visit Algeria to complete the talks in order to sign the final contract between the two sides.

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