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After return from "Rukban" camp, father and son killed under torture in Assad's prisons

A man and his son died under torture in the prisons of the Syrian regime, after being detained for nearly two years, the Syrian Network for Human Rights said Thursday.

"Mu'ayyad Muhammad Al-Obeid", and his son "Abdul Aziz", from the city of Al-Qaryatayn, east of Homs province, born in 1976 and 1996, confirming that the regime forces arrested them after raiding their house in the city of Al-Qaryatayn on February 5-2021.

The human rights monitoring group confirmed that the man and his son were among those who settled their security situation earlier when they returned from the desert Rukban camp on the Syria-Jordan border. Since that time they are among the forcibly disappeared; Because the Syrian regime denied holding them or allowing anyone, even a lawyer, to visit them.

SNHR added that on 10/31/2022, their relatives learned of their deaths inside one of its detention centers in the city of Damascus, and the Syrian Network for Human Rights has information that they were in good health when they were arrested; It is highly likely that they will die due to torture and neglect of health care.

The regime forces did not hand over their bodies to their families, and this is a common practice by the Syrian regime not to hand over the bodies of deaths inside detention centers to the vast majority of those who died there, but rather disposes of the bodies, and this is done through deliberate burning operations, and everyone whose body is not handed over is considered among the disappeared forcibly.

SNHR stressed that approximately 135,253 Syrian citizens are still under arrest or enforced disappearance in the detention centers of the Syrian regime forces, and we have real concerns about their fate.

The Syrian Network indicated that approximately 14,475 Syrian citizens died due to torture in the detention centers of the Syrian regime forces.

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