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Syria journalist among nine killed in new Daraa fighting

A Syrian journalist was among nine people killed in the southwest province of Daraa on Saturday after the media worker was targeted by a suspected Islamic State (IS) group sniper.

Horan Free League media group spokesperson Ayman Abu Mahmoud said local factions backed by the regime's Eighth Brigade forces made progress in their fight against groups accused of belonging to IS.

The advances took place in the Tareeq Al-Sadd neighbourhood, which borders the Daraa Al-Balad area.

Journalist Atef Al-Saadi died on Saturday evening after sustaining injuries while covering fighting in Tareeq Al-Sadd, The New Arab's Arabic sister site, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, reported.

Al-Saadi was targeted by a sniper from a group accused of belonging to IS as he treated one of the wounded and died shortly after when doctors tried to extract bullets from his body, the Horan Free League said.
Activist Ayman Al-Ghazawi, a friend of Al-Saadi, said the journalist was hit in the side with four bullets.

Al-Saadi had survived an assassination attempt by unknown assailants outside his house a few days before.

Eight others were killed in Daraa province on Saturday, including two shot in the city of Tafas. The identity of those responsible was unknown.

A child also died from wounds sustained two days ago after a projectile from a past regime bombing assault on Daraa Al-Balad exploded.

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