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Zaman al-Wasl's harvest in 2022

Zaman al-Wasl news site turns the page of the year 2022 with files that bring the Syrian regime to international courts. 

Zaman al-Wasl spared no effort in exposing the crimes of the Assad regime against the Syrian people. In the year 2022, it exerted effort after effort, with the aim of reaching evidence and documents proving the regime's involvement in crimes. war and against humanity.

Very important files and documents published by Zaman Al-Wasl newspaper, in addition to daily news, reports and investigations. The most prominent of which are reports monitoring the fate of detainees. 

Zaman al-Wasl was able to ascertain their fate in cooperation with their families and private sources. It also revealed pictures of prisoners killed under torture in Aleppo Central Prison, and many reports about war criminals in Syria.

Fate of the detainees is a concern for the Syrians, and therefore the newspaper focused double efforts to be able to know the fate of 500 detainees, after contacting dozens of families of the victims and documenting the data of the detainees, then searching for their fate through private sources and official documents, which prompted many human rights organizations to contact the newspaper, requesting information. 

As usual, Zaman al-Wasl has been documenting the crimes of the Assad regime's forces with evidence and clues. Therefore, it submitted a report whose content serves human rights organizations and judicial authorities interested in tracking down the perpetrators, including exclusive photos that unveil part of the many massacres committed by the Assad regime against defenseless citizens.

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