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It's all about the Syrian onion

Director of the Media and Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Internal Trade, Safwan Dorgham, said that the expected production of onions was 63,000 tons, while the country's need was 59,000, with a surplus of 4,000 tons.

But what happened, according to him, was that the production was 43,000 tons. However, he admitted that 118 tons were exported at the beginning of the season.

Dorgham indicated in an interview with the pro-regime Radio Melody that the quantities that reached Syria for trade are 1,750 tons out of the 2,000 tons that were imported.

He pointed out that the distribution via the smart card was aimed at preventing corruption and not reaching the merchants.

Dorgham objected to the news that onions in Syria are more expensive than neighboring countries, accusing the promoters of this news of "faking pictures," referring to what has been circulated that a kilo of onions in the UAE is sold for the equivalent of 1,600 Syrian pounds and is completely imported, while others are sold In the Syrian trade halls, for 6 thousand pounds.

He said that a kilo of onions in neighboring countries is about $4, and an onion is sold for 1 dirham in the Emirates, which was answered by Syrian activists living in Jordan, who published pictures of onion prices in Amman, where a kilo is sold for less than a dollar. Activists living in Europe also published pictures. It shows the price of a kilo of onions at about one and a half dollars.

Dorgham claimed that Syrian Trade sells onions that were imported from Egypt at approximately cost, plus 2-3% profit, which is transportation fees only, while observers confirmed that the price of onions in Egypt is sold for less than half a dollar to the consumer, which means that the price of The sentence is much lower than this number.

Many Syrians who received their allotments of onions from the Syrian trading halls, through the regime's electronic subsidy card, confirmed that most of them are rotten and unfit for consumption, which forced them to resort to the market to buy onions at a price of 10 thousand Syrian pounds per kilo.

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