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Sweden finds woman guilty of war crimes for gruesome photos

A Swedish court on Wednesday found a 35-year-old woman guilty of war crimes for posting photos of herself with severed heads that were on display in a Syrian city in 2014.

Fatosh Ibrahim who pleaded not guilty, was sentenced to three months in prison.

The Goteborg District Court said Fatosh Ibrahim “on two occasions published photographs of severed heads impaled on the fence" of a Raqqa roundabout, placed there by Islamic State group militants.

Ibrahim used her cell phone to take photos of herself in Raqqa's Naim Square - meaning “Paradise” - where Islamic State group militants had displayed hanged bodies or heads.

The court said in its ruling that Ibrahim posted on Facebook “disparaging comments about the people in the photos and expressed that they deserved what they were subjected to.”

“The woman had clearly expressed her sympathy with the actions of the Islamic State group, and her actions have been considered to be in connection with the armed conflict that was going on in the area at the time.”

Ibrahim told the court that she traveled to Syria in December 2012 and was forced to stay, claiming she didn’t travel to Syria to join the by Islamic State group. She returned to Sweden in 2017, according to the verdict.

Ibrahim was also convicted of threatening and defaming social workers in Sweden.

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