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Syrians at forefront in Bavaria, increase in foreigners obtaining German citizenship

The German newspaper Welt reported that last year 28,336 foreigners obtained German citizenship in Bavaria, increasing the number of citizens by more than 22 percent compared to the previous year.

The newspaper said, quoting Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, on Friday, that the number of Syrian citizens added to German citizenship has increased by more than double.

The number of Syrians who have been added to German citizenship has reached about 5,800 people, according to the State Statistical Office in Bavaria, and in 2022 they constitute the largest group among citizens who have obtained German citizenship.

"Many Syrians who came to Germany in 2015 now meet the requirements for German citizenship. The selection for German citizenship shows that these people have become part of our society in Bavaria and see themselves as part of it," Hermann was quoted as saying.

According to the Statistical Office, people who fled to Germany because of the war in Syria are now gradually meeting the requirements for German citizenship, as refugees can obtain citizenship after six years of residence in Germany.

According to the Statistical Office, more than two-thirds of citizens who have acquired German citizenship continue to hold their original nationalities.

 51 percent were European, 38 percent Asian, 7 percent African, and 3 percent American.

Among the most common countries of origin, Syria comes out on top by far more than Romania, Turkey, Kosovo and Iraq.

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