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Iranian militias reinforce air defense capabilities in Damascus countryside

I ran-backed militias obtained a new air defense system on Saturday in order to enhance their military capabilities in Jemraya village In the northwestern suburbs of Damascus amid repeated Israeli strikes a well-informed military source told Zaman al-Wasl.

The source revealed that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard militia brought yesterday a new air defense system to the vicinity of the scientific research center in Jemraya in the Qudsaya district, indicating that the system was recently brought in from Lebanese territory towards the Al-Dimas town, so that the IRG-run militia would transfer it in the morning to the scientific research area.

The source indicated that Iranian and Lebanese military experts supervised the installation and activation of the system and the preparation of its entire program.

He stated that the militia has strengthened its presence inside the scientific research building by establishing a joint operations room with all Iranian and local militias present in the Damascus countryside.

The source confirmed that the move came suddenly without knowing the reasons, as Iranian militias seek to expand their control and influence in the vicinity of the capital, Damascus, especially after the Iranian president's visit to the capital recently.

Jemraya has been subjected to raids by Israeli aircraft several times, as it continues to target sites of Iranian militias in separate areas of Syria.

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