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On International Day of Innocent Children Victims, 252 Palestinian children died in Syria since 2011

The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria confirmed the killing of 252 Palestinian children in Syria from 2011 until June 4, 2023.

On the occasion of the International Day of the Innocent Children Victims of Aggression, the human rights group said that the bombing, sniping, clashes, siege, and drowning in death boats are among the most prominent causes that led to the death of Palestinian refugee children in Syria, where 129 children died as a result of the bombing, 22 children drowned, and 15 were shot by a sniper and 11 gunshot wounds.

In its report, the AGPS documented the death of about 34 children as a result of the siege and lack of medical care, and 12 children died of various causes such as burning, suffocation, running over, kidnapping and killing.

The human rights group stated that two children died of torture in Syrian prisons, according to what their families announced, without handing over their bodies or any evidence of their death in prisons, and 26 children were killed as a result of car bombs.

While the AGPS expected the real number to be higher than that, due to the inability of the group and its correspondents to document the ages of all the victims as a result of the tense conditions that often accompany shelling and clashes.

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