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Rise in state employees resignations due to economic crisis: Newspaper

The state-run Tishreen newspaper reported Monday unprecedented rise in resignations from various government and public sectors, coinciding with a stifling economic crisis and a historic collapse of the local currency.

In Damascus alone, the number of resignations during the first half of this year reached about 1,800, noting that the reasons for these resignations are known to all, foremost of which are low salaries that no longer cover transportation expenses, and the search for alternative job opportunities.

The Damascus-based newspaper added that all government sectors suffer from a terrible shortage of their cadres as a result of the many resignations, including the Ministry of Internal Trade, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, which was reflected on the existing staff, whether by pressure of work through its completion with a modest cadre, or by controlling and completing the work as required.

Tishreen revealed, quoting a source it described as an official at the University of Damascus, who preferred not to be named, that all resignation requests submitted to the university were rejected except for health-justified resignations, or due to the end of service amid a significant shortage of teaching staff and the university is in the process of announcing a competition for appointing members of the board. teaching staff, as well as technicians and teaching assistants.

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