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Jordanian media celebrate Syrian child finished Kung Fu fight in 4 seconds

Jordanian media celebrated the Syrian refugee child, Bahaa Muhammad Abu Shaheen, after he was able to finish a Kung Fu Sanda fight in only four seconds, using a knockout, and subsequently won the gold medal in the championship.

The thirteen-year-old Syrian champion participated in the Kung Fu Nations Sports Championship, which was held in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the fifth of this month, with the participation of 61 male and female players.

Qusay al-Qurashi, Bahaa's coach, confirmed to Zaman al-Wasl that all the players were distinguished by strength and focus, including Bahaa, who, in addition to that, had a constantly developing leadership and fighting personality, adding that the child was able to achieve this achievement only with three months of intensive training.

Regarding the "Kung Fu Sand" game, "Al-Qurashi" explained that the history of this game dates back to three thousand years, and that the Al-Qurashi Kung Fu Academy, to which Bahaa belongs, is the first in the North and the second in the Kingdom.

For his part, Muhammad Abu Shaheen, Bahaa's father, expressed his pride and happiness at the great achievement of his son, wishing him continued success and reaching the world in this game.

Through Zaman al-Wasl, he called on all those involved in this game to work on adopting his son as an athlete and developing his skills so that he can participate in Arab and international tournaments.

The family of Bahaa fled the village of Kafr Shams in the southern Daraa province, and settled in Jordan more than 10 years ago. They are among those who left their country, fearing for their lives from the oppression and bombing of the regime forces in Syria.

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