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Activists launch campaign to free Palestinian detainees in Syria

Yarmouk Refugees Camp

Palestinian activists in the city of Azaz, in northern Syria, have launched a campaign to uncover the fate of Palestinian detainees in Syrian prisons and to demand their release.

The campaign’s media coordinator, Maher Shawish, said the campaign will continue until it achieves its goals.

“The campaign will include programmes, events and activities in the fields of human rights, legal and media as well as at the civil and popular levels, in addition to the official and diplomatic ones,” Shawish told Quds Press, adding that it seeks to “coordinate efforts of all parties concerned with this file at all levels and is open to all cooperation that serves the issue of detainees and the forcibly disappeared in Syrian prisons.”

Mahmoud Zaghmut, the general coordinator of the campaign, said there are 3,072 Palestinian detainees and forcibly disappeared persons who have been documented, stressing that the actual number is much higher, especially since many families do not inform human rights institutions of their loved one’s disappearance for fear of arrest and prosecution.æ

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