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After returning dozens of women, Netherlands begins deporting IS men from Syria

The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported that after the Netherlands had previously returned dozens of Islamic State group's women from Syria, it is now the turn of IS men.

Lawyers have already taken steps to return two Dutch jihadist fighters who traveled to Syria. This became clear on Thursday evening through a report prepared by documentary filmmakers Sinan Can and Daniel Van Lieshout.

For his part, lawyer Andre Seebrigt asks the judiciary in the Netherlands to halt the trial of the jihadist, Yassin, if he is not returned from Syria.

For women, the imminent completion of their criminal cases served as an incentive for the state to repatriate groups of women.

The newspaper quotes Yassin, who grew up in the Dutch city of Zoetermeer: “The Netherlands can give me a second chance.” He and 14 other Dutchmen have been imprisoned by Kurdish militias in Syria for more than four years, without trial, among thousands of jihadist fighters.

But according to the security services, bringing back IS members for trial also poses a threat to the security of the state. They can only be sentenced to more than six years in prison if there is evidence of specific crimes they committed.

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