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Lebanese Security intends to hand over opposition figure to Assad regime

Yassin Mohammad al-Eter

Zaman al-Wasl has learned that Lebanese General Security will hand over political prisoner Yassin Mohammad al-Eter to Syrian regime authorities on Friday after being detained in Roumieh prison for seven years.

A relative of the opposition member revealed that he received a call from the latter informing him of the Lebanese General Security’s intention to deport him to Syria tomorrow.

Al-Eter, of the border town of Qusayr, was detained in Roumieh prison in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, for seven years, before a court ruling issued his release in exchange for a financial bail worth 300 million Lebanese pounds.

The ruling issued a month ago by the Military Court of Cassation also included a ban on al-Eter from traveling.

Lebanese General Security has adopted a policy of handing over Syrian opposition refugees in Lebanon to the Assad regime since the beginning of the Syrian exodus movement, following the displacement of the Assad regime and Hezbollah militia residents of large areas in Homs and the Damascus countryside.

Syrian and Lebanese human rights activists considered that handing over Syrian opponents to the Assad regime, with the dark fate that awaits them, is a flagrant violation of international conventions, covenants, and norms, in addition to the immoral standards that this behavior carries.

Human rights activists called on "reasonable people in Lebanon and those in charge of human rights organizations to intervene to stop the surrender of Syrians in Lebanon to the killing regime in Damascus."

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