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ISIS kills two Quds-Brigade militants in Homs desert

Two members of the Russian-backed Palestinian Liwa al-Quds militia were killed on Saturday following an ISIS attack on a military point in the eastern countryside of Homs in the Syrian desert, informed sources told Zaman al-Wasl.

Three other members were wounded in an Islamic State attack on a newly established guard point near the Hajjar gas field in the Palmyra desert.

In retaliation, the Russian warplanes carried out 20 air strikes using high-explosive missiles, targeting caves and caves used by ISIS cells as their hideouts in the areas of Al-Tibni, Al-Misrab, and Al-Shula in the western countryside of Deir ez-Zor, and “Al-Rusafa and Athriya in the Raqqa countryside, Al-Gharbi, Palmyra and Al-Sukhnah in the eastern countryside of Homs, without any information receiving any casualties among ISIS militants.

On Tuesday, at least 8 members of the regime forces and the militias supporting it were killed, in addition to 4 other members being wounded, following an attack carried out by ISIS cells targeting a military point in the Duizen region in the eastern Salamiyah countryside, east of Hama province.

ISIS, an armed group that once commanded an estimated 50,000 fighters, declared its own “caliphate” across large parts of Syria and Iraq in 2014.

The group was ousted from Syria in 2019 but its vestiges continue to hide out in the desert and plot deadly hit-and-run attacks, targeting both pro-government forces and Kurdish-led fighters.

As the conflict, now in its 13th year, reached a stalemate, the Syrian government reclaimed large swathes of lost territory with the help of its key allies in Russia and Iran in recent years.

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