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Syria regime mobilizes forces near Suwayda city

For the fourth day in a row, the regime continues to send heavy military reinforcements to the southern Suwayda province, where anti-regime demonstrations have been continuing for months.

Local sources reported on Monday that the Syrian regime transferred hundreds of soldiers and dozens of tanks and armored vehicles from the capital, Damascus, to the Khalkhala Military Airport, north of Suwayda, during the past four days. These reinforcements included soldiers, military armored vehicles, and equipment.

A video clip taken by activists on Sunday showed additional security reinforcements arriving from Damascus to Suwayda city for the fourth day in a row.

Suwayda, inhabited by the Druze community, has been witnessing anti-regime demonstrations since August 2023.

The local Suwayda 24 website published pictures documenting some of the military reinforcements that entered As-Suwayda Governorate on Sunday, as part of a large convoy that included more than 50 vehicles, including tanks, military vehicles, overnight buses, and cars equipped with medium machine guns.

One of the photos was taken at the Al-Masmiya checkpoint between Damascus and Suwayda, while reinforcements later entered the Khalkhala Military Airport, north of Suwayda city.

Until now, there has been no official announcement from the authorities about the reasons for sending these continuous reinforcements for the fourth day in a row, while websites and pages affiliated with the regime claimed that these reinforcements are aimed at combating drug smuggling and arresting drug dealers and dealers.

Al-Hajri warns

Commenting on the reinforcements, Sheikh Hikmat al-Hajri, the spiritual leader of the Druze community in Syria, warned against any military escalation in the governorate, stressing that there is no alternative to peace. 

He said that the people of the governorate are patriotic and, when necessary, ready to defend the homeland, and no corrupt or criminal will be able to stand before their sincere national will.  

Al-Hajri added: “We warn any party against any escalation, movement, sabotage, or harm of any kind, and we bear full responsibility for any negative, harmful, or destructive results that may result from any foolishness, actions, or abusive procedures, according to what we witness from some who disregard rights.” Those who have not understood the sermons of history, and are trying to sow hatred and betrayal through strife and destruction.”

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