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FSA Chiefs Commander: no priority more than Assad's topple

Brigadier General Abdul Karim Ahmed

By Abdullah Al Ghadawi; Translation by Yusra Ahmed)

(Zaman Al Wasl)-  Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Free Syrian Army, assured that fighting Bashar al-Assad regime and overthrowing it, is the main priority of the rebel group in order to build Syria of all.

In his first interview with Zaman al-Wasl, Brigadier General Abdul Karim Ahmed said that battles of Wadi al-Dief and Hamidiyah were the most important lessons to learn for all the fighting battalions, and confirmed that multiple leadership could impedes the military progress.

 Ahmed  confirmed that the “Thirty’s Council” and the Joint Chiefs of Staff still supervise the five inside Syria fronts, but some changes in people took place. “To be honest, the thirty’s council is better than before as there is coordination among the groups, besides joining many effective military formations”

In regard to the effectiveness of the council on the battle field inside Syria from distance, he said that the council’s members don’t have to be physically inside Syria, but continuous communication and supervising minor details is more important.

Ahmed complained lack of arms, but effort is done to provide some, he added.

He wished that the Staffs could go back to its role and to resume receiving support from the regional countries and to be considered the reference for rebels according to a well organized plan.

The Chief of staff expressed his gratitude toward the regional countries like Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia for their support and help to refugees and Syrian people in general. He wished from other regional countries to help the Free Syrian Army to become a National Official Military body and the reference for all fighting formations.

Abdul Karim Ahmed declared that fighting the regime, protecting and securing the liberated areas are the priority for the Free Syrian Army. He confirmed that they do not work under others’ orders like the Us-led alliance. He expressed his opinion that regime created “terrorism” and getting rid of it, would facilitate sorting out other problems like fighting the Islamic State and terrorism.

He considered that “Fighting’s Freeze" in Aleppo would benefit the regime the most.

Abdul Karim Ahmed declared that Ahrar al-Sham is a formation of the Free Syrian Army, therefore, their relationship is ruled by that fact. While he did not agree to consider the Islamic state like Ahrar al-Sham, as the state killed Syrians, and from his point of view there is nothing justifies killing people without reason.

In regard to the relationship between the National Coalition and the Staff, he did not consider that when the Coalition put its political point of view forward with the staff, they do not to intervene with the Staff work, but to give the advice and political support.

He denied knowing any information about training 1000 fighters from the Free Syrian Army in Saudi Arabia.

In regard to liberating Wadi al-Deif and al-Hamidiyah, he confessed that the Chiefs of Staff had no effect on that liberation, as fighting groups on ground make their decision independently from the Staff Chiefs. Ahmed agrees on political settlement, but under condition of overthrowing Bashar al-Assad.

In the end he said that work was done since two years to form the National Army, and he wished for that army to be formed abd be an independent and strong enough to protect Syria.


Zaman Al Wasl
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