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Intelligence bans watching soap operas, criticizing Assad regime, in public places

 Assad's intelligence had banned broadcasting of the famous Syrian soap operas criticizing the Assad regime in the public coffee shops of Lattakia, the regime stronghold, activist reported to Zaman Alwasl.

'Al-Weladah Min al-Khaserh' the name of the TV-drama series has focused via its third season on the Syrian uprising, pointing the fingers to the bad role of Security forces, and their abuses which contributed in escalating and deepening the conflict, as well as, it highlighted the corruption and regime's suppression.

 The evening show turned to be a time for mass watching in the public café's what raised fears form the security  agents from an imminent protests.

 The Assad security forces arrested last month, the author of the banned series, Journalist and Poet Samer Radwan, who's famous by his opposition to the Assad regime; Radwan was in his way to Lebanon where had been arrested on the Syrian borders according to activists.

Syrian dramatists used to have combination of self-censorship and tight official restrictions but Radwan had broken this equation.

"There is no way to write the truth about what is going on. If you wrote something balanced between the pro-regime and the protesters, it would be killed by the government censor; the only acceptable work would be pro-regime propaganda," according to dramatists.


Editing by Mohamed Hamdan

Zaman Alwasl- Exclusive
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