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Mass Torture Photo is likely for Hussein Harmoush

(Zaman Al Wasl- Exclusive)-  A photo of Syria’s mass torture, obtained by Zaman Al Wasl, is likely for the first Syrian Army defectors, Lieutenant Colonel Hussein Harmoush, who kidnapped by Syrian regime in September 2011, from a refugee camp on the Turkish border.

 The photo was one of exclusive photos obtained Zaman al-Wasl newspaper that linked to war crime report made in January 2014 by a team of internationally recognized war crimes prosecutors and forensic experts. 

In November 2013, Human Rights activist and Actress Yara Sabri posted on her Facebook page that “Harmoush is still arrested in Sednaya Military Prison near Damascus,” Sabri was quoting an ex-prisoner as saying.

In January 2012, Syrian Human Rights watchdogs and activists said that soldiers from the Syrian Air Intelligence carried out the death sentence by firing squad against Harmoush.

Harmoush appeared in a video in June 2011 denouncing Assad’s regime and calling on fellow soldiers to rebel. Al-Harmoush was disappeared from a refugee camp where he had been living in Turkey on August 29. Then he appeared on Syria TV, contradicting previous statements he had made- Under death threats-, saying that "during my service in the Syrian army, nobody ordered me to fire at civilians."

The likely image of Harmoush along with 55, ooo photos that illustrate apparent actions would be serious international crimes, show lifeless bodies with signs of starvation, brutal beatings, strangulation and other forms of torture and killing.

In mid 2013, a team of war crimes prosecutors and forensic experts, had analyzed thousands of digital photos taken and provided by a Syrian defector codenamed "Caesar," who, along with his family, is now living outside Syria in an undisclosed location, according to CNN.

The Syrian, Turkish, and Iranian intelligence were accused in bringing the dissident back, according to information posted on the social networking website Facebook, Turkish intelligence officers who, like Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, belong to the Alawite sect, took part in the mission of bringing Harmoush, the most senior defector in the army, back to Syria, according to Al Arabiya Net in September 2011.

More than 220,000 people have been killed in Syria since the revolt against al-Assad began in March 2011, the United Nations says. 

( Click Here to view more photos of mass torture) #SyriaMasstorture #AssadHolocaust


Harmoush announces his split from the Army on 09/06/2011.

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