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Map of proposed Syrian Kurdistan provoke questions

Reporting by Mohamed Al Hussein; Translation by Yusra Ahmed

(Zaman Al Wasl)- A map was published by Nori Brimo, the Member of the National Kurdish Council which shows the area of Syrian Kurdistan, has provoked countless queries among observers, who expressed their worries of the unpredictable fate of non-Kurdish residents in Northern Syria.

The map with a draft of rules of procedures have shown that the Kurdish forces in the Kurdish National Council, an important bloc in the Coalition, would share the Democratic Union Party “PYD” in ruling regions under the party’s control in Northern Syria beside the tendency of those parties to found Syrian Kurdistan.

Aziz Biro, an organizer of “No strife Campaign” told Zaman al-Wasl that publishing the map was an attempt to initiate troubles and strives. He demanded questioning Nori Brimo for his childish act.

Nori Brimo refused to talk to Zaman al-Wasl about the matter, all he said: “I do not want more than highlighting that sensitive subject which is explained by the document the Kurdish political references have accredited”

Linda Ellie said that there has been an international will to divide Syria and the region, and the map was just to “test the water”, as they use Kurds to create another entity like Israel to initiate sectarian and national wars and conflicts.

Ellie requester all Syrians to face those opportunists and get rid of them.

“The map has joined half of Aleppo’s Western North Countryside, all Northern and Eastern countryside to Syrian Kurdistan”, Mohammed al-Sheikh, a Journalist explained to Zaman al-Wasl and added that Kurds had planned to divide Syria and separate since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, as rebels found ID cards were issued by so called “Syrian Kurdistan, Aleppo State” with many Kurdish parties’ members in Minbij and Jarablus.

Al-Sheikh added that implementing the map would be difficult as the new entity would occupy all the borders between Syria and Turkey, and more than 70% of Syrian northern villages would go to the Kurdish entity.

Abdul Aziz Khalifa, a member of Hasaka Youth Union, explained that map was published before in Ain al-Arab battles’ in the beginning of 2013, in which Syrian Kurdistan extended from the Iraqi-Syrian boarders to the Mediterranean sea, and Israel was written instead of Palestine, which hinted to the West the new entity’s positive attitude toward Israel.


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