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New Mass Torture photos for Alawite victims: Zaman Al Wasl

Zaman Al Wasl Leaks | 2015-03-15 00:00:00
New Mass Torture photos for Alawite victims: Zaman Al Wasl
   Zaman Al Wasl photo

 New photos of mass torture obtained by Zaman al-Wasl showing, for the first time, pro-Bashar al-Assad militants who were killed in Syrian security chambers.  

The atrocious photos of mass torture by Syrian security had been taken in a well-known military hospital in Mezzah neighborhood of Damascus.   


Hospital 601 was the photographing scene of Bashar al-Assad’s war crimes  where the leaked photos showed hundreds of lifeless bodies with signs of starvation, brutal beatings, strangulation and other forms of torture and killing.  

Photos illustrate apparent actions of serious international crimes committed in the chambers of security services against 11,000 detainees, according to human rights advocates.  

Assad's fellow Alawite fighters have made the backbone of militias fighting to defend Syrian regime. 

More than 70,000 fighters have been killed since the Syrian revolution erupted in March 2013, according to activists. 

But, this time, on the contrary photos showed Alawite militants being tortured to death in security departments. 

Zaman al-Wasl deliberately insists to show the face of the victims in order their families and relatives can recognize them.

“Crime of The Century’ photos are linked to war crime report made last year by a team of internationally recognized war crimes prosecutors and forensic experts.


In mid 2013, a team of war crimes prosecutors and forensic experts, had analyzed 55 thousand digital photos taken and provided by a Syrian defector codenamed "Caesar," who, along with his family, is now living outside Syria in an undisclosed location, according to CNN.  

The team members shared their findings in a joint exclusive with CNN's "Amanpour" and The Guardian newspaper on January 20 2014.  


Syria is not a member of the International Criminal Court. The only way the court could prosecute someone from Syria would be through a referral from the United Nations Security Council.  

More than 220,000 people have been killed in Syria since the revolt against Bashar al-Assad began in March 2011, the United Nations says.   

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Zaman Al Wasl

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