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Iran: Violence in Ahwaz after football match against Saudi al-Hilal

Clashes erupted on Tuesday in the Iranian city of Ahwaz, which has a predominantly ethnic Arab population, following a football match between the local Foolad Khuzestan and Saudi Arabia’s al-Hilal in the AFC Champions League.

There had been reports that Foolad’s Arab fans were rallying support on social media to give the Saudi players, whom they see as their Arab brethren, a cheerful welcoming.

In response, an opposite group of Persian fans was preparing to spoil the party for the Saudi club.

It was not immediately clear what happened after the match, but Al Arabiya News Channel reported that violence erupted afterwards and police made several arrests.

Foolad Khouzestan shared a 0-0 draw with al-Hilal, extending their undefeated record in the AFC Champions League to 11 games. (Al Arabiya)

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