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3 Christians identified among Syria Mass Torture Photos: NGO

Zaman Al Wasl Leaks | 2015-03-31 00:00:00
3 Christians identified among Syria Mass Torture Photos: NGO
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At least three detainees belong to Syria's minority Christian community were identified among leaked mass torture photos, according to the Syrian Association for the Missing and Prisoners of Conscience. 

Syrian Christian community with total population of 1.75 million has faced growing violence since the uprising erupted in March 2011. But mass torture photos inside Syrian regime's security chambers have revealed gruesome revenge of Christians who supported Syrian revolution. 

For long decades, Assad's family (Father and Son) has presented itself as minorities protector. But Syrian conflict disclosed the real face of such allegations, activists said.

“Crime of The Century’ photos are linked to war crime report made last year by a team of internationally recognized war crimes prosecutors and forensic experts. 


According to reports, in 2012 the first Christian Free Syrian Army unit formed, yet it was reported that the Assad government still had the reluctant support of the majority of the country's Christians of various ethnicities and denominations. By 2013 an increasing number of Christians favored the opposition. In 2014, the predominantly Christian Syriac Military Council formed an alliance with the FSA, and other Syrian Christian militias such as the Sutoro had joined the Syrian opposition against the Assad regime. 

The atrocious photos of mass torture by Syrian security had been taken between 2011 and mid 2013 in the well-known 601 military hospital in Mezzah neighborhood of Damascus. The photos showed hundreds of lifeless bodies with signs of starvation, brutal beatings, strangulation and other forms of torture and killing. 

The Syrian Network for Human Rights, in report issued last September, said at least 215,000 people were arrested by Syrian security since the revolution erupted in March 2011. (4500 of them are women and 9,000 are less than 18). 

According to the report, 2630 detainees were tortured to death and 70,000 cases documented as enforced disappearance. 

During the last few months, Zaman al-Wasl have published hundreds of photos of mass torture that illustrate apparent actions of serious international crimes committed in the chambers of security services against 11,000 detainees, according to human rights advocates. 

In mid 2013, a team of war crimes prosecutors and forensic experts, had analyzed 55 thousand digital photos taken and provided by a Syrian defector codenamed "Caesar," who, along with his family, is now living outside Syria in an undisclosed location, according to CNN. 

Syria is not a member of the International Criminal Court. The only way the court could prosecute someone from Syria would be through a referral from the United Nations Security Council. 

Zaman al-Wasl deliberately insists to show victims' faces, so their families and relatives can recognize them.  


Syria's four-year-old war has killed more than 220,000 people and forced millions out of their homes. 


Photos are published in cooperation with the Syrian Association for the Missing and Prisoners of Conscience.

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Zaman Al Wasl
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