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ISIS car bomb factory discovered in Mosul where 'jihadis pack cars with deadly Chlorine'

| 2017-04-01 22:15:38
ISIS car bomb factory discovered in Mosul where 'jihadis pack cars with deadly Chlorine'
(Daily Mail)- An ISIS car bomb factory with vehicles and explosives to cause mass destruction has been discovered in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Iraqi soldiers found two cars and an armoured plated garbage truck destined to be used in suicide missions.

The truck had been spray-painted with bright red paint while the bodywork had been rendered in white - a new ISIS tactic to confuse US surveillance drones into thinking suicide car bombs are ordinary civilian vehicles.

During the offensive in east Mosul, most ISIS car bombs were either painted black or their steel bullet-proof metal sheets were left unpainted.

The truck's bodywork had been reinforced with thick steel sheets, designed to act as bullet-proofing to protect the driver traveling at high speed towards enemy positions.

Government troops made the terrifying discovery in the Josah district as they advanced into the western half of the city, where hundreds of thousands are still trapped under the terror group's control.

'These two car bombs were under construction and were almost ready to be loaded with explosives to be used against us, but Daesh didn't have time to deploy them before we liberated the area,' Heider, a soldier with Iraq's elite Rapid Response Division (ERD), told MailOnline.

'If it had been used, the rubbish truck would have created a massive explosion, easily destroying three houses,' he added.

Soldiers say this new strategy of painting lethal vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIEDs) is designed to confuse aerial surveillance operations being carried out near the front-lines by US spy drones to delay the military response against car bombs.

'The US military are here with us on the front lines but not fighting, they are using drones to monitor Daesh activities, especially suicide car bombs,' said Iraqi soldier Mohammed.

'They have a big technologically-advanced drone which they constantly fly over areas we are advancing into, to check for incoming Daesh suicide car bombs.'
He explained that, when a car bomb is identified, co-ordinates are given to Iraqi and coalition warplanes, which then target them with airstrikes.

Since the Iraqi military started its operation to liberate West Mosul from ISIS in February, militants have continued to use car bombs and snipers as their main defence.

'Four suicide car bombs came at us yesterday, just on this one frontline,' said Mohammed. 'Three of them were stopped by airstrikes and our RPGs, but one of them blew up with a massive explosion when we hit it.

'Daesh have hidden suicide car bombs in covered areas in residential homes and garages so they can't be seen from the air,' he said. 'We fully expect that there will be a lot more suicide cars waiting for us, hidden in civilian homes.'

A few streets away the driver of a a crumpled Honda VBIED was killed before he could detonate the vehicle. His car bomb stood by the side of the road, painted light blue to appear like a civilian car to drones flying overhead.

Fake windows and wheels had been painted on the side of the vehicle. A tiny slit had been cut into the windscreen to prevent the ISIS suicide bomber driver from being shot before completing his mission.

In the afternoon sunshine, the body of the militant driver, shot through the head, laid prostrate on the ground nearby. 'They are not people, they are just animals,' said Iraqi soldier Ahmed. 'They sent four car bombs for us yesterday. The day before there were ten, and we have already destroyed two today.'

In the bomb factory warehouse, officers from Iraq's Federal Police busily stripped the rubbish truck of its red and white metal panels.

One worker said they planned to use the parts on their own military vehicles, which are under constant threat from ISIS IEDs, suicide bombs and RPGs.
Engineers also found two chlorine canisters that ISIS reportedly use as a makeshift chemical weapon in their defence of Mosul, formerly their Iraq stronghold.

An ISIS car bomb painted in the same bright red shade as the rubbish truck recently seized by Iraqi forces was found fitted with chlorine canisters. Chlorine, first used as a chemical weapon by Germany in WWI causes instant death when inhaled.

'These are mortar rounds and plastic canisters containing diluted black oil, which ignite when the vehicle blows up and creates a huge fire,' soldier Heider explained.

Former CIA director John Brennan last year warned that ISIS had already used chemical weapons and have the capacity to make small quantities of deadly chlorine and mustard gas.

At a nearby public swimming pool commandeered by ISIS, several large chlorine tanks were discovered.

'These were meant for cleaning the swimming pool but ISIS have started using them as chemical weapons on their suicide vehicles,' said ERD lieutenant Walid.
'They fit these canisters onto the back of large suicide bomb cars and the chlorine canisters blow up, releasing a very dangerous gas when they detonate the vehicle,' he added.

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