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Qatar funded ISIS data leaks, torture photos investigation: How Qatar fights terrorism

Tsunami | 2017-06-08 11:04:57
Qatar funded ISIS data leaks, torture photos investigation: How Qatar fights terrorism
By Editor-In-Chief
(Zaman Al Wasl)- As media war escalates against state of Qatar, Zaman al-Wasl should express gratitude to the key Gulf Arab state for disclosing the Islamic State’s data as well revealing thousands of documents tracking the inner circles of the Syrian security and war criminals.
The leaked data of ISIS fighters in December 2015 that had been published by Zaman al-Wasl was in association with Qatar state as well when the Syria’s leading news site had obtained 1.7 mn documents shedding the light on Bashar al-Assad’s intelligence and criminal archive was also supported by Qatar. 

The leaked archive includes records by the beginning of 2015 of people from more than 150 nations, as well it includes 524,416 arrest orders, (10,220 warrants against Gulf Arab State's citizens.) 

The archive dates back to the 1960s. The list of German, French and British nationals is also available to the NDR's Investigative Department. In addition to diplomats, military or ordinary students, they also include Middle Eastern correspondents from international media from the US and Europe.
The country, which has been accused by Saudi Arabia and UAE of sheltering and backing terrorist groups, is sheltering and backing only the people who seek their freedom. It happened with the Iraqi people against the U.S. invasion in 2003 and it happened with the Egyptian people in their revolution against Hosni Mubarak in January 25, 2011. Also, it's still happening with the Syrian people since the revolution erupted in March 2011. Qatar sheltered the Syrian opposition and held the founding meeting of the National Coalition in 2012. 
In mid 2013, Qatar funded a team of international war crimes prosecutors and forensic experts who analyzed 55 thousand digital photos taken and provided by a Syrian defector codenamed "Caesar," and shared their findings in a joint exclusive with CNN's "Amanpour" and The Guardian newspaper on January 20, 2014.
Sir Desmond de Silva, the former chief prosecutor of Sierra Leone special court, in interview with CNN, likened the images to those of Holocaust survivors and Nazi death camps after World War II."
Last Monday, Qatar regretted the decision to cut relations with Doha by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Yemen, saying the move was “unjustified” and was based on “claims and groundless allegations”, according to Anadolu agency. 
The Qatari Foreign Ministry said the measure aimed to “impose guardianship on the country, which is a violation of its sovereignty, something which totally rejected”. 
The new escalation came two weeks after the website of Qatar’s official news agency was allegedly hacked by unknown individuals who reportedly published statements falsely attributed to its emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani.



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