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Opposition groups divided over Assad's future, rifts mount: official

Interviews | 2017-08-09 22:32:03
Opposition groups divided over Assad's future, rifts mount: official
By Abdullah Ghadawi

(Zaman Al Wasl)- George Sabra, member of the Syrian opposition's High Negotiations Committee, said rifts and discords are now emerging more than ever about accepting Bashar al-Assad stay in the transitional period, pointing out that the current stage is a turning point in the path of the Syrian opposition and Syrian people has to be informed.

Sabra said in an interview with Zaman al-Wasl that some of the platforms wanted to accept the presence of Assad in the interim period , but the committee will adhere to the Riyad statement, and we will fight for these constants at any cost. He denied that Saudi Minister of Foreign Affair Adel al-Jubair has put pressure on the committee to form it once again it. to details:

Z: The conflict within the negotiation committee and with other platforms is clear now regarding acceptance of Assad in the transition?

G: It is no secret that some are insisting on Assad stay in the transitional phase, and even within the committee, there are those who believe there is possibility Assad remains in the transitional period. Other platforms no longer hide these demands, and hence we must be clear with the Syrian people since this is about about the fate of a struggling people who paid a heavy price in order to get rid of the injustice and tyranny of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and we put this to the choice of Syrians who sacrificed and carried, and still are, the revolution on their shoulders . Do they accept Bashar Assad in the transitional period ?.

Z: What about the position of the majority of the committee especially your position and the position of the general coordinator?

G: We are committed to Riyad conference statement which stated clearly and frankly and unanimously of all currents that there is no Bashar al-Assad in the transitional period. It is necessary to move to the democratic stage. How can a criminal accept democracy?

Z: What are your tools to face the project of keeping Bashar al-Assad in the transitional stage and perhaps after the transition?

G: Our choice is to fight in politics until the end. As the Syrians are fighting today the regime in the field and fighting Russia and Iranian militias, we will fight in the political field and reject any projects at the expense of the Syrian people.

Z: What if Assad was imposed by regional and international powers?

G: The Syrian revolution did not start by orders from regional and international powers to impose Assad on us. The Syrian people who sacrificed are the ones who decide. I say to all Syrians today that they are more cohesive than before on the political and military levels. Today we need all the Syrian energies to confront any project imposed on the Syrian people. The political battle is long and we will not be false witnesses to our country.

Z: Is it true that Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubair exerted pressure on you to re-establish the committee?

G: Al-Jubair did not exert any pressure. All he said was that there are changes on the international and regional scene regarding the Syrian situation. The priority has become terrorism, not the overthrow of Assad. You have to take note of these changes. Al-Jubair confirmed that Saudi Arabia is ready to support the opposition.

Z: So those who call for Riyad 2, they demand to reestablish the committee and expand the base of Assad's acceptance?

G: There is some truth in this but this is linked to the will of Syrians more than anyone else and let me assure you that if the will of the Syrian people is solid, no power can dictate its decisions.
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