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The Lost Truth of Syria's Nuclear Reactor

Zaman Al Wasl Leaks | 2017-08-15 21:15:11
The Lost Truth of Syria's Nuclear Reactor
By Ali Eid 

(Zaman Al Wasl)- On September 6, 2007 Israeli warplanes attacked and completely destroyed al-Kibar Syrian military installation.

Israel was silence and also Damascus as if nothing serious happened, but informed sources reported that there is a big deception involving highly sensitive activity and hides the nature of that activity. So, what is the truth, and who deceives who? And what is that secret that almost disappeared near the banks of the Euphrates in the province of Deir al-Zour in northern Syria.

Zaman al-Wasl tried to investigate the truth after getting information from private sources that were still working in the regime and it found out there are other details that media did not address and hence we need to fill up the missing side of the story and information. 

In August 2012, the Israeli Channel 10 revealed-allegedly- that the operation took place after the storming of a Syrian scientist living abroad and the confiscation of his computer which contained details of the stages of building the nuclear reactor between 2001 and 2007.

The channel revealed that the Israeli government has held intensive talks with the US administration to coordinate how to eliminate the reactor Deir al-Zour. In a lengthy conversation between US President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, the latter told the former US president that his country would not accept the existence of a nuclear reactor in areas close to its borders and that it would carry out the bombing of this reactor, if not done by the United States.
For six years, experts continued to build an unknown facility inside the Syrian desert at al-Kibar site in Deir Al-Zour. The outer structure of the site was designed in a square form so as not to raise doubts about it.

The Syrian regime claimed at the time that the facility was just a regular military location, but Israel, the United States and European countries indicated that the target location is a project to build a nuclear reactor.
Zaman al-Wasl examined the truth about what the media reported about the various parties, and reached through experts and private sources to the existence of a process of lies and deception, and that the truth is otherwise.

-Uranium Bank-

After the search, the information showed that North Korean, Syrian and Iranian experts were working on the establishment of a safe bank for highly enriched uranium, and that the facility serves the nuclear project of Iran and North Korea outside the borders of the two countries in anticipation of any external attack so al-Kibar site was chosen as a bank in Deir al-Zour.

The bulldozing of the site of the facility after its bombing and the construction of a new building during a record-breaking period that did not exceed a month and a half that al-Kibar is not a regular military site, but at the same time does not fit to be a nuclear reactor technically, as revealed by Dr. Yusri Abu Shadi Who resigned from his job at the Atomic Energy Commission on the backdrop of accusing Syria of building a nuclear reactor.

Dr. Abu Shadi revealed a scandal in a book called "The Truth of the Syrian Reactor," in which he explained that the site could not be a nuclear reactor or anything like that, which contradicts the Israeli and American claims.

The deception appears in a television report of the Israeli strike, where fake footage taken from the images of a real nuclear reactor under construction in North Korea was shown, confirmed by Dr. Yusri Abu Shadi in his book.

The sources confirm that Bashar al-Assad instructed Brigadier General Mohammed Suleiman, the direct official at the Republican Palace, on the activities of unconventional weapons, to completely remove and bulldoze the area of the bombing and clean it from anything that would indicate that there is something unusual in al-Kibar.

-Dredging and plating-

The soil was drilled several meters deep and dumped inside the Euphrates River. The equipment, solid waste and equipment were collected and placed in special containers. They were later transported under the supervision of Korean experts to Taqasis in the countryside of Hama.

There, the residues were placed inside Building No. 2, and all the windows and doors were ironed, welded and permanently closed, and have been in existence ever since until today.

The decision was made to send an international team to investigate al-Kibar site. In anticipation of this step and to get out of the impasse, Assad ordered - at the recommendation of Korean experts - to immediately start construction of a similar square building. The operation took place in record-breaking time not exceeding 45 days and they put Fixed launch of Scud missiles in the building.

In June 2008, a committee from the IAEA visited the site and took samples at the request of several European States and America. The Scud Launch set up by the Assad regime to mislead the International Atomic Energy Agency were the same as those that were later captured by the opposition.

The IAEA committee did not arrive to a firm truth that there was a nuclear reactor in the building before it was destroyed , so it later requested another visit. This was rejected by the Assad regime until the opposition took control of the site and offered the UN the site at its disposal.

-Assassination of Abu Kamel-

Behind the story of al-Kibar is another story of the killing of security engineer for this facility Brigadier General Muhammad Suleiman, nicknamed Abu Kamel on August 2, 2008, and about ten o'clock in the evening by three bullets during his presence in the Chalet in the golden sand beach area of Tartous province.

Israel claimed through Channel 10 that it had killed Suleiman through a specialized team from the sea. Professor Michael Bar-Zohar, the author of Mossad ... The Big Operations," stated that Commandos from the unit of Shayetat-13 carried out the operation from the sea via two snipers.

After an investigation, it appears that the Israeli version of the story is incorrect. Sources within the security team who arrived at the scene indicate that the shooting was carried out by a sniper from within the golden sands and not from the sea, as the media has claimed.

The source confirmed that once the news reached Damascus, Major General Ali Mamluk, Director of the State Security Department, called the head of the State Security Branch in Tartous and ordered Suleiman to go to site and guard it and prevent anyone from violating or changing any details until Mamluk arrived in Tartous from Damascus.

A helicopter arrived from the Mezze airport. The three bullet holes that hit Suleiman were found near a fence of chalets close to the river in the north.

The impact of a four-wheel-drive vehicle across the river was found back and forth north of the chalets near the edge of the opposite fence at the same time as the execution of the operation.

The details as mentioned by a security guard of Ali Mamluk denies the circulated narrative that the sniper came from a boat by sea. Investigations confirm that the sniping distance was more than 100 meters and that Suleiman was sitting on the balcony of the chalet in the presence of only three people: his friend, his mother and his wife, not in a meeting for some officers as described in the false Israeli reports.

In addition, three bullets killed Suleiman. One hit him down the face to the neck and another in the head and another in his waist. injuring one of them in the head and the third in the side.

The conflicting the accounts and the words of Brigadier General Suleiman's wife and the security guard of Mamluk indicate that something has been hidden, which means that Israel might be behind the assassination but through its agents inside Syria.

Israel said it obtained the information of the site al-Kibar by hacking computer of one of the Syrian employees in the Research Center during his stay in the Austrian capital Vienna, but that the story remains doubtful, as a nuclear scientist should not be keeping pictures of Korean experts and the reactor from the inside such as those published by the Israeli Channel 10, which Egyptian expert Abu Shadi confirmed a real facility in North Korea.

The Assad regime lied in every detail and Israel also lied, which indicate a game in secret, a game of lies that require revealing the truth of what is going on and the reality of al-Kibar and the secrets of the assassination of regime engineer Suleiman.
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