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Syrian Defense Minister concealed son's harassment crime to make him senior Judge: document

Zaman Al Wasl Leaks | 2017-08-20 19:17:07
Syrian Defense Minister concealed son's harassment crime to make him senior Judge: document

(Zaman Al Wasl)- A leaked official document showed that the second son of Syria's Defense Minister, had been charged with harassment twenty years ago, such a crime never been an obstacle for him to be senior judge.

The Syrian criminal record obtained by Zaman al-Wasl newspaper, which contains some 2.5 million records of cases shows that the son of the Defense Minister was involved in a case of harassment and violation of public morals.

On 31 March 1997, a "criminal offense" against Razi Fahd Al-Fureij was recorded in the records of the Criminal Security Branch led by Hama Police, which was run under the category of "harassment" and the crime was recorded, Card number: 81199.

According to the data of this record, Razi, 39, has submitted more than once to obtain a not-sentenced document starting in 2005 and ending in 2012 in which this document was given to him.

But what Razi and his father lost in 1997 (Hafez era), they have realized during the reign of Bashar, especially in 2012, when Al-Fareij suddenly jumped into the Ministry of Defense in conjunction with the announcement of the seventh edition of the Judicial Institute rotation to employ judges and public prosecutors.

It is noteworthy that Razi applied more to obtain a document, "not sentenced" in 2012, and after the accession of his father to Ministry of Defense. He obtained the first document on July 28, 2012 only 10 days after the appointment of his father, a successor to Daoud Rajha who was killed in a very mysterious operation known as "the bombing of the crisis cell".

A judicial expert dissident of the regime says to Zaman al-Wasl that the infamous crime is enough to undermine the eligibility of any person to t any job and how can anyone imagine the acceptance of a person in the judiciary proved to have a "crime of harassment,". He considered what Zaman al-Wasl revealed through the criminal record demonstrates the arrival of corruption to unprecedented indicators in recent years, even compared to its already high levels since the accession of the Assad family to power.

According to the judicial expert, applicants to the Judicial Institute are required to submit a number of documents to which all the posts in the State require. The most prominent of these documents is an "not-sentenced" document, which must prove the "cleanness" of the applicant's record of any infamous or malignant felony.

Fahd Al-Fareij

Official records of Zaman al-Wasl say that the defense minister of the regime is Fahd al-Fareij bin Jassem and Shaha, born 1950 (Hama, Badiya, Salameya).

Al-Fareij, who comes from the village of Al-Rehjan, was a retired officer until he was promoted to Brigade general in 2001 and then Lieutenant General in 2009. He did not begin to appear on the stage very slowly until he was appointed as Chief of Staff, replacing Daoud Rajha as defense minister, before he was killed the summer of 2012. Fareij again replaced Rajha but this time in the post of Minister of Defense.

In mid-July, rumors began to multiply about the deterioration of the status of al-Fareij, with the talk of the corruption of his eldest son, Khaldoun, and his involvement in large bribes, in exchange for exempting many from the army.

The rumors were reinforced in conjunction with Bashar's decision to cancel the clause allowing the Minister of Defense to exempt those whom he sees unfit. 

Doubts about the status of the Fareej have begun, with his absence from appearance since mid-July until the moment, with the exception of his appearance in a short clip as he visits a military division on the Army Day.
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