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Kurdish official says Russia not abide by Assad, serious about political solution

Interviews | 2017-09-09 11:12:58
Kurdish official says Russia not abide by Assad, serious about political solution
   Fouad Aleiko, senior member n the Kurdish National Council

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Fouad Aleiko, senior member n the Kurdish National Council, revealed to Zaman al-Wasl the content of the last meeting between key opposition group and the Russian side headed by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mikhail Bogdanov. 

Aleiko confirmed that the Russian side said, “We are not attached to Bashar as some a promoting to defame our image but we intervened to save Syria from collapse and division and to preserve the unity of the Syrian territory.”

Aleiko added that the discussion with the Russian side was marked by seriousness and clarified that the Kurdish delegation felt Russia’s desire for a political solution. They want to give priority to the ceasefire for it to cover all of Syria and begin a serious Syrian-Syrian dialogue. 

The Kurdish National Council delegation met with the Russian Foreign Ministry represented by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdanov in the presence of Vitaly Naumkin, the director of the Institute of Oriental Studies. The meeting lasted for over one hour and a half and they discussed the Syrian crisis and the Russian vision for a solution. 

The Council delegation clarified its view on Syria’s future based on a federalism that is able to bring unity back to the country and Syrian society built on a sound foundation far from the period of abuse and deprivation. 

The Kurdish National Council delegation included Ibrahim Biro, the head of the Council, Kameran Haj Abdou and Mustafa Sino, who are members of the Council foreign relations office, and Fouad Aleiko a member of the negotiating committee. (Reporting by Abdullah Ghadawi)
Zaman Al Wasl
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