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Hepatitis kills dozens of children in northern Homs

Zaman Al Wasl TV | 2017-12-27 07:07:02
Hepatitis kills dozens of children in northern Homs
(Zaman Al Wasl)- A significant increase of hepatitis has been witnessed among children in the northern countryside of Homs province over the past three months. Such a scary disease came as the regime forces continue their siege on the area for the fifth year in a row.

Cases of hepatitis were reported in the cities of al-Rastan, al-Zafarana, al-Saan, al-Houla and Ezze Eddin prompting doctors and health centers to ring the alarm bell especially as the cases of infection are continuously increasing.

Doctors believe the disease is caused by drinking contaminated water, irrigating crops with wastewater, and the distance of health centers from the residence places of displaced populations. Doctors added that the lack of awareness programs and epidemiological surveillance centers increases the prevalence.

Dr. Talal Mardoud, Director of the Free Health Homs, told Zaman al-Wasl TV that several hospitals, including al-Zafrana Hospital, recorded dozens of deaths among children under five due to hepatitis He pointed out that the medical staff rely on clinical diagnosis and laboratory tests to detecting the disease, due to the lack of hepatitis antibodies testing (ELIZA).

Doctors advise residents living in the rural areas of northern Homs to pay more attention to public hygiene and hygiene in schools to address this issue. They recommend residents isolate an infected child from his siblings during the infection period.
Zaman Al Wasl
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