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Zaman Al Wasl TV Launches #Catchy_Video Competition

Zaman Al Wasl TV | 2017-12-30 09:07:02
Zaman Al Wasl TV Launches #Catchy_Video Competition

Zaman Al Wasl TV opens the door for Video amateurs to participate in the #Catchy_Video contest.

The accepted videos will be shown after Zaman al-Wasl confirms that the video adheres to the platform’s standards. 

The owner of the winning video will receive a cash prize of $400, the second runner up will receive $300, and the third runner up $200.

The videos will be streamed on Zaman al-Wasl channel YouTube and its other platforms, Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram.

The videos are evaluated according to the following:

YouTube: like - point / comment - two points.

Facebook: like - point / comment - point / share - two points.

Twitter: like- point / comment - point / re-tweet - two points.

Instagram: like - point / comment - two points.

Videos include:

- Commical scenes

- Child in a spontaneous situation

- An animal doing acrobatic moves.

- Innovative idea

- A story

- An affective humanitarian message

- Traffic accident, fall or fire

- A rescue operation

The videos must meet the following conditions:`

1. The video must be unpublished or never circulated before

2. The content must not be shocking or call for violence and hatred

3. The scenes must not be dramatized, acted or use shot footage

4. Videos recorded on mobile phones, amateur cameras or professional cameras are accepted 

5. No phrases or words may be included in the video submitted for consideration 

6. Any video including third-party content will be discarded 

7. The video sender is not entitled to claim material rights or set any conditions after sending in the video. Zaman al-Wasl has the right to retain and manage ownership of the video, and act as they want with it. The video sender reserves the right for their name to be mentioned with the video

The competition begins as of the date of this advertisement.

Voting begins immediately after the video is shared.

The videos are shared sequenctially, and each video is given a full month before the points are calculated.

The videos are sent via a Dropbox, Transfer or another program, while including a summary of the below information:

The name of the video creator- Place of residence- The history and circumstances of video.

These should be sent to:

Zaman Al Wasl
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