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'I Want To Walk Again' dream of Syrian chidlren: Zaman TV

Zaman Al Wasl TV | 2018-01-14 10:08:01
'I Want To Walk Again' dream of Syrian chidlren: Zaman TV
(Zaman Al Wasl TV)- “I want to walk again” focuses on a Syrian child born during the war in Syria who is today either wounded due to the war, displaced with his family or has lost one or both of his parents. 

Hundreds of thousands of children have been born during the war, and we focus on those who are living far from the cities controlled by the Syrian regime where their parents struggle to provide for them and protect them. 

They maybe alive by chance as their areas are subject to missiles, explosive barrels, and air raids. “I want to walk again” was said by a young child sitting on her wheelchair. It is a phrase that includes the meaning of life that children want, but until this moment no one knows when this crazy war will stop for normal life to return and for society to start treating is wounds including injured children, their trauma and the deprivation of many of their education. 

I Want To Walk Again was filmed in several locations including Ahil al-Sham Camp, Tel Akishet Camp, Mansheyat Swisah, and Swisah town in the southern countryside of Quneitra Province along the separation zone with the Israeli-Occupied Syrian Golan Heights.  


 I want to walk again so I can go to my friends. They don’t have to come to me. I wish that nice things happen, and that there will be parks, and things return to the way they were, and nothing like this and people to become happy and go back to their homes. 

For us to go back to our home to see my grandfather , grandmother, my uncles and aunts. I love them so much. 

My dream is a teacher

I hope to become an engineer 

I dream of becoming a doctor 

My dream is to be a doctor where I can treat the children and take care of their lives. I will give them medicine, milk and biscuits. So they will not be sad when I give them the vaccine. They will not cry.

Zaman A Wasl
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