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Tales of Syrian suffering: Abu Abdo

Zaman Al Wasl TV | 2018-01-30 08:10:00
Tales of Syrian suffering: Abu Abdo

 (Zaman Al Wasl)- Abu Abdou fled his home in Khalidiya neighborhood in Homs six years ago towards Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

One day, Abu Abdou was picking up plastic bags and empty bottles from streets in Hamuriya to sell them and feed his children when a shell fell near him. His foot and stomach were injured, and he needed surgery which he could not afford so he kept to his home unable to work.

Abu Abdou is father to 7 children, and he lost a son because of malnourishment. The twin of the dead son also has asthma and liver disease. Also, his daughter cannot move due to sever joint infection.

The rest of his children are injured; one child in his arm and the other in his head. All of his children did not go to school for years due to difficult living conditions and to support their father in collecting plastic bags and items in order to sell it later to burners who make fuel out of these items following regime long blockade on Eastern Ghouta.

What made it even more painful for Abu Abdou is that his three siblings were killed and became martyrs and he remained alone besieged by pain, hunger, need and his children illnesses.

Abu Abdu lives in a barn for sheep and cows. Two rooms of mud, and wooden ceilings which do not prevent the water from falling into the children's bed in this extreme cold. Even blankets are not available in the place.

Zaman al-Wasl TV covered this story of this father and his children. A story that goes beyond explanation in this difficult reality for Syrians.
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